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Competition Year
Cider Name
2017 Foxcraft Hard Cider Foxcraft Fruit Cider Foxcraft Blood Orange Best of Class
2017 Brooklyn Cider House Brooklyn Cider House Common Cider - Sweet Kinda Dry Best of Class
2017 March First Brewing March First Hopped/Herbed/Spiced Cider Dry Hopped Cider Best of Class
2017 THE MARCHETTI COMPANY Bereziartua Spanish Style Cider Bereziartua Gourmet Edition Best of Class
2017 Foxcraft Hard Cider Foxcraft Perry Foxcraft Pear Best of Class
2017 2 Towns Ciderhouse 2 Towns Ciderhouse Dessert/Iceed/Pommeau 2014 Pommeau Best of Class
2017 Eve's Cidery Eve's Cidery Traditional Cider - Dry 2015 Darling Creek Best of Class
2016 Alpenfire Cider Alpenfire Traditional Cider - Dry Pirate's Plank Bronze
2016 Boston Beer Company Angry Orchard Wood Aged Cider The Muse Bronze
2016 Soquel Cider Soquel Cider Fruit Cider Apple Plum Hard Cider Bronze
2017 Big B's Hard Cider Big B's Hard Cider Traditional Cider - Dry Orchard Original Bronze
2016 Bowers Harbor Vineyards Spirit Cider Fruit Cider Peach Apple Hard Cider Bronze
2016 Black Apple Black Apple Crossing Traditional Cider - Sweet 1904 Bronze
2016 Schilling Cider Schilling Cider Common Cider - Sweet Ascender Bronze
2016 Soquel Cider Soquel Cider Traditional Cider - Dry Hard Apple Cider Bronze
2016 Foxcraft Hard Cider Foxcraft Fruit Cider Foxcraft Blood Orange Bronze
2016 Kaneb Orchards Kaneb Orchards Fruit Cider Cranberry Crisp Cider Bronze
2016 Eve's Cidery Eve's Cidery Perry Perry Pear Bronze
2016 Uncle John's Cider Mill Uncle John's Hard Cider Fruit Cider Apple Apricot Bronze
2016 Ms. Wrangletown Cider Company Common Cider - Dry Original Farmhouse Cider Bronze
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Records 1 to 20 of 271
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